▷What Would My Artificial Turf Lawn Look Like In Few Years Vista?

With Artificial Turf Grass, What Would My Lawn Look  Like In A Few Years In Vista?

What Would My Artificial Turf Lawn Look Like In Few Years Vista.

This is a question that we get often, “What will it look like in a few years, after sun, weather and wear and tear?” The answer, as you will see … is “Still soft, still lush, still green.”

Long- lasting Product

Artificial turf is not a product that you purchase and install and then forget about.  It is an investment in your lawn, whether it be for pets or children. It is soft, naturally irrigated and requires no chemical applications to keep it green unlike ‘real’ grass.

Great Artificial Turf

First, as mentioned above, it is soft.  This makes it the perfect place for children to play and do what they love most: fall on their butts!  It is also safe for pets who are prone to run around your lawn searching for adventure. Plus, there are no muddy or wet spots in your yard to worry about.  Artificial turf does not absorb water, so you do not have to drain it unless you want to make it look like a pond.

No Need Of Chemicals

It also does not need any chemicals added to keep the color green.  There is no fertilizing, no mowing and definitely no watering-which is one of the biggest benefits of artificial turf.  All you have to do is occasionally brush it off and spot treat any stains that might appear.

Perfect For Winter Evening

On a winter evening, your toes are going to be thankful you have artificial turf instead of real grass.  Real grass freezes overnight, but artificial turf does not because it doesn’t have any roots.  There is no need for a special type of snow shovel either-a standard one will do just fine!

What About Pet ‘Accidents?’

They happen and they can be a pain to clean up.  Fortunately, the nature of artificial turf makes catching messes easier than you think.  All you need is a paper towel or cloth and some soapy water, then just wipe it off!

Extremely Durable

It is now made with polyethylene which is an extremely durable material that allows it to stand up against intense sun rays and extreme weather conditions. However, it has not been around for decades without some negative feedback on its longevity.  There are plenty of customers who claim their artificial grass as the best solution for their yards.

Last but not least, the durability is incredible!  Artificial turf can last more than 20 years with minimal care-that’s longer than most people live in the same house! So, don’t be afraid of the cost or think that you need to water and fertilize regularly in order for your lawn to stay green.  With artificial turf, you can sit back and relax while your lawn stays green year-round. Plus, it is pet-friendly and will not give anyone a single blister on their soft bottoms!


Artificial turf requires no work at all but still looks like an expensive, perfectly maintained backyard!  For more information on artificial turf and how it can transform your yard contact specialists from Artificial Turf Vista at (760) 316-1167.