▷Artificial Grass For Event Spaces Vista

Artificial Grass In Event Spaces In Vista

Artificial Grass For Event Spaces Vista

Artificial grass is a hot topic in event planning today. It is talked about as an alternative to real grass because it requires less maintenance and still provides the feel of being outdoors. Here are some tips for having events on artificial grass:

Artificial Grass As Flooring Material

Figure out if you really need this, or just want it. If you have limitations such as time, budget, availability of labor, etc., then you should prioritize what is most important for your event before deciding upon a flooring material. Artificial grass costs more than other types of flooring so if time or money is a constraint then there may be cheaper options that can work for you.

You Can Add Rubber Flooring Mats

If there is a lot of foot traffic and you want the grass to last, you might want to think about adding on rubber flooring mats which can provide cushion and help prevent high heeled shoes from damaging the soft plastic fibers.

Some people do not like the feel of walking barefoot on grass or fake grass because they cannot tell whether it is wet or dry ground. Rubber flooring mats can address this concern by providing more grip underfoot. This allows for people wearing shoes with little traction wear them safely on the rubberized surface. Just make sure that they are not too slippery themselves! It would be dangerous if someone fell on the rubber mats.

Protect Your Guest’s Feet

If you are having an outdoors event with a lot of sunshine, then artificial grass can protect your guests’ feet from being burned by hot surfaces and damaging ultraviolet rays that might reflect off the ground. It is not advisable to have pools or fountains near your event area as this reduces the life expectancy of the flooring.

Best For Pets

In some cases, people want artificial turf for their pet’s benefit as well! Dogs lose moisture through their paws so there are areas where it is better to have artificial grass so that dogs do not go potty in those spots. The grass will hold onto any harmful bacteria and prevent it from being tracked into other parts of the venue by shoes, feet or paws.

Perfect For Small Event

If you have a small event and will not need a lot of space for a long time, then a portable flooring material is a good choice. Portable tiles come in different materials such as rubberized tile, vinyl tiles and even artificial grass.

Choose According To Your Color Scheme, Style Or Theme

There are many different types of artificial grass available on the market today so make sure you find one that works with your color scheme, style or theme. You can also choose between natural looking or bright  grass to accommodate your needs. Also consider using complementary flooring materials like turf tape if your artificial grass has seams where connects together (this seam should be hidden from the view of your guests).


Artificial grass can be a great alternative for special event floors. Just make sure you weigh the pros and cons before choosing this type of product for your big day! For more information, contact Artificial Turf Vista at (760) 316-1167.